"Not unlike so many things in life this website was born out of pure frustration. I used Ephedra many times before to stay awake, to study or to enjoy a night out dancing. Because I knew very little about Ephedra I surfed around the web to find some more information about it. But all I found were incomplete websites and salestalk. It was then when I decided to start looking for information myself, send a lot of e-mails and read even more articles about Ephedra."

Today is five years later. Ephedra has gained worldwide attention, unfortunately also for the unfortunate events that have been attributed to this 'drug'. The amount of information available made it possible to realise a website about ephedra which is more complete than it could ever be.

Lennart has extended his interests and is nowadays extremely busy carrying out his mission, which includes providing the world with different kinds of 'smartproducts' and information about those products through various websites such as Psychonaut.com, Salvia.net and Mitragyna.com.

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