Trip 1: Ephedra, alcohol, cafein

This is a small report about my Ephedra experiences. I tried to make it as real as possible but without any scientific comments.

Friday night, 6:45 pm
I'm taking 4 supercaps of 833mg. This is 267 grams of ephedrine. Momentarily I am kind of exhausted, it has been queensday and I spent all night walking throught Amsterdam. Let's see if I can stay awake for some time. This afternoon I had a few beers which could influence the effect of ephedra. At the moment I am drinking some coffee. Cafeine enhances the effects of Ephedra.

7:39 pm
I feel pleasant tinglings at my forehead. Otherwise I am just a bit restless. I am not in the mood for sitting behind my computer and typing so I anxiously walk around my room. Otherwise I feel fine and I am definately not tired anymore. I decide to put on some relaxed music (Enya) en clean the mess in my room.

8:05 pm
The tinglings are getting quite heavy now. I noticed that by concentrating I can enhance them. Typing is getting harder because of my sweaty shivering hands. My tiredness completely disappeared while more then an hour ago I almost fall asleep. Now I feel very active and have the urge to do something. Otherwise I feel a bit unreal. Just like somebody else is typing this message.

8:40 pm
The phone rang but I could not fully focuse on the conversation. Just like it did not all get to me the way it should. I heared myself talking in slowmotion. I still feel fine only a little sweaty and shiverish. Also I am still a bit restless. If I would happen to be at a party now I definately would dance like mad.

9:05 pm
I am full of energy but do not know what to focus my energy on. So I go from paper to radio to tv and computer. But also between waterboiler and toilet. This stuff makes you thirsty so I better make me some more tea.

9:34 pm
The tinglings continue but I become bit more relaxed. At least I can now sit and watch tv normally again.

9:56 pm
Okay, I still am a bit restless and have troubles focussing on typing. My thoughts are going faster then my typing. Watching tv also gives me troubles focussing. Only the stand-up comedians I can follow. The news and such just doesn't get met attention.

10:15 pm
It's working for about 2.5 hours now. The effect of Ephedra is still present and has not reduced. The tinglings begin to subside. Another clear effect of Ephedra is the change in mentality. You seem to get more social, nicer and euphoric from it. A while ago I spoke top a roommate I hardly know but still I felt we had a close connection. If somebody else who does not know me had to judge me now he would probably say I am a weird but kind person. Weird because I still have problems focussing.

11:07 pm
I feel pretty good now. Not as nervous as before and still I am awake while after a Queensdaynight I had I should have been wasted and lying in bed. A documentairy about war victims in refugeecamps touched me more deeply then it otherwise would have.

11:18 pm
Sometimes the tinglings seem to get back. I must have already drank 2 liters of tea. You do get thirsty of Ephedra, it seems time for a beer now.

00:17 am (next day)
Still awake and it doesn't seem I will be getting some sleep soon. Even though it has been 5 hours since I took the ephedra.

02:43 am (next day)
I feel completely normal again. Allthough I sometimes still have light tinglings in my head. Otherwise I am still awake. I do feel my body is getting more tired. From the earlier side effects like sweating, shaking and de-realisation is no trace left. It has been more then 7 hours since I took the Ephedra, still it feels like I cannot go to sleep soon from now.

04:04 am (next day)
Still no signs of me wanting to sleep. After 8 hours this comes quite as a surprise. Otherwise I do not feel anything anymore.

05:38 am (next day)
Still not sleeping, it works longer then I expected. For 10 hours allready now. I think in about an hour I will be able to sleep. I also start feeling hungry. My body feels a bit exhausted already though.

+/- 6:15 am (next day)
Fell asleep, without to much problems.

12:00 pm (next day)
Waking up. It was kind of a restless night. I woke up a few times and did not fall asleep again for 15 minutes or so. Alltogether I think I have slept for 5 hours or so. But I do feel quite awake and rested.


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