My Worst Combination-drug-Abuse OD Ever

Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin & Codeine

by bandil

I finally have decided to submit a report from a massive drug overdose, I almost died (I think) from. It happened four years ago. First a little background information about me: I was at the time a senior in high school (male-18y). Great shape, excercising about five times a week at the time. I had/have great grades and consider myself intelligent. I have always (since junior grade) used stimulants (ephedrine, caffeine and at times meth), later I have tried MDMA, shrooms etc, but never on the 'druggie-head-level'.

I was at the time on a field trip to Geneva (physics class to CERN, etc.). The night before I was at a bar and was drinking quite heavily. The morning after I was hung over. I had a few TREO (a total of 1000mg aspirin + 100 mg caffeine). I also had a few kodimagnyl (additional 1000mg aspirin + 32mg codeine), because of the very heavy headache, from the day before. Before breakfast I wanted a little 'pick me up', so I did about 10 ephedrine pills (herbal ephedra, not very potent). I have done this dose of ephedra many times before (1), and is quite suitable for me. At breakfast I was feeling a little better, but quite lightheaded. I still don't know why I did this, but never the less, I did additional 500mg pure caffeine at breakfast. At this point I was looking quite normal, but I was very lightheaded. I guess I had forgot the kodymagnyl I had done before, so I did another two (=1000mg aspirin + 32mg codeine). We were on our way to CERN (the particle accelerator). On the way there, I could not stop laughing. It was so imberrasing, because my physics teacher (which I respect very much), was with me in the bus, along with my classmates and some researchers. I guess I thought 'what the hell', this is fun and did a couple of more ephedrine (4 or 5) and a couple of caffeine pills.

A little later we went down in the CERN (100 meters underground) for a tour. There where researchers, which gave a very interesting presentation, but I could not sit still (I REALLY COULDNT). I kept falling off my chair and laughing. We went for a small tour, and suddenly I went VERY dizzy. I sat down at a table and passed out. I was behind a crowd, so no one noticed. I awoke about 3 minutes later, and I felt like something was soooo wrong with me (physically). My heart pounded about 220 bpm, very very irregulary and I sweated like a pig. I could not see or stand. I was sure I would have a heart attack. I wanted to shout for a doctor, but I was not able to talk (I'm glad now, it would have been very imberrasing). I dragged myself outside the room and induced vomiting (which probably more or less saved me). I calmed down a little bit and had a good friend held me up to the surface. I sat down in the sunny weather and had an ice cream. My head felt so wrong (the hangover was a blessing compared to this). It was aching, pounding and my vision was very blurred. I thought I had permanently hurt myself. The day finally dragged itself to an end and I got home to the hotel. I could not sleep before 5 in the morning and felt bad for the three last days.

I swore I would never touch ephedra again, but now I have a controlled use (eg two pills, before a party) maybe once a month, and I never combine it with any other drugs. The morale of the story is: THINK! I was unforgivably stupid that day. I have no idea what I was thinking. I knew the dangers of ephedra, etc. I just hope my post, can prevent others from redoing my mistake!

Good luck



(1 )NOTE: ephedra varies VERY much in potency, so NEVER EVER EVER TAKE 10 ephedra pills, without knowing the potency.

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