It's all about the money!

While does not promote the use of ephedra, it does seek to preserve our freedom of choice. With our sympathy going out to the unfortunate few that did not abuse ephedra but may have suffered an adverse reaction, the following is the opinion of

Where is the responsible reporting by the news industry when you need it? It started out as a few bad apples (abusers). Then the greedy litigating ambulance chasers saw a way to make money and created a parade of greedy copycat opportunists. And to help sway the opinions of juries, they encouraged everyone they could, especially the news industry, to jump on the ephedra bashing bandwagon.

And the pharmaceutical industry took notice. They knew that ephedra (as is true with many natural remedies) was competing with their drug sales. And they figured that by spending a little money on hyping the problems of ephedra (no natural or manufactured remedy is perfect) and some more money in buying off politicians to manipulate the FDA (class action lawsuits had emptied the pockets of the ephedra product manufacturers - the only competing force that would have prevented this), they could get ephedra banned. And they would stand to make a killing from increased sales of their unnatural concoctions. And while we only see the tip of the iceberg - the FDA trying to "protect us" - what we really have is the FDA being manipulated by the industry they supposedly oversee.

With the proposed FDA ban, there are more ephedra bashing news articles than ever. So it looks like the news industry wants a piece of ephedra too! Why sell any old news when what really sells is sensationalized bad news! Leave it to the news industry to take the easy road and help throw stones at ephedra rather than investigate, expose the truth and help defend our freedom of choice from the selfish interests that stand to profit from this ban! Say hello to being manipulated and good-by to our freedom of choice!

To provide a contrary perspective, provides a page as a resource for published news (and opinion) articles that don't bash ephedra. (If you want to see the bashing articles, just do a search on any search engine for 'ephedra news'.)

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