Ephedra as a 'smart' drug and energizer

Ephedra or Ma Huang contains the active compound ephedrine. Ephedrine stimulates the central nervous system and provides energy and increases alertness. A higher dose ephedra gives a nice tingling sensation over the head but also on the rest of your body. Ephedra acts a bit like XTC, only milder in its action and less speedy. Ephedra does give the same emphatic feeling as XTC does.

Ephedra and sex

The emphatic feelings and the energy makes ephedra suitable as love enhancer. Although some people claim they get to nervous and restless. So you should test this for yourself.

How to use Ephedra

The best way to take ephedra is in a capsule, but you can also make tea of the ephedra (ma huang) herb. After a certain point taking a higher dose ephedra does not intensify the trip, only taking cafein or guarana might help then. A single dose Ephedra is effective for 6 to10 hours. In the articles below you can find more information on how ephedra works as energizer.

General information about the qualities of ephedra from the Herbal Information Center.

Ephedrine As Amphetamine And Party-drug
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