Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Ephedra. Read through them and understand what Ephedra is all about.

  • What is Ephedra?
  • What is it used for?
  • Is it dangerous?
  • Is it legal?
  • How to use ephedra
  • Can I grow my own ephedra?

•What is Ephedra?
Ephedra sinica is commonly referred to as Ephedra or Ma Huang. Ephedra is a herb containing Ephedrin. This is the working substance in every product that carries the name Ephedra. There exist different kinds of the ephedra plant, which grows in several countries all over the world: North and South America, the Mediterranean region, India, West Central China, Southern Siberia & Japan.

• What is it used for?
When taking Ephedra, the Ephedrin in the Ephedra stimulates the burning of bodyfat. Resulting in more energy and loss of appetite. Ephedra is used most by people who would like to lose weight or by those who want to party all night without getting tired that fast.

• Is it dangerous?
Ephedra is 100% natural and is not dangerous by itself. Never the less, people taking Ephedra more than 5 weeks in a row without giving the body some rest might experience some liver problems. Why is this you ask? When taking Ephedra and burning fat the body produces more ‘waste’ then normally. This means the liver has to work overtime to break down all these extra substances. When not giving the body some rest every now and then the liver might cut of it's functions. When sticking to the "on/off" scheme of using Ephedra for 5 weeks and then stopping for 2 weeks. The body has enough time to recover.

Also an overdose can be dangerous, the amount of an overdose is different for every person, but it can be easily reached by using two or three times the recommended dose.

For more information about the use of ephedra, and combination with other drugs please check ‘users guide’.

• Is it legal?
Ephedra is banned in the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Austria, Egypt, Japan and Venezuela and in a few more countries it’s only available as a prescription drug. In the US, ephedrine is not currently classified as a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act, so no penalties apply for possession or use of small amounts. The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) is currently investigating ephedrine-based products. A consultation is underway, with proposals to change the legal status of ephedrine from pharmacy (medicines that may be sold by a pharmacist without prescription) to prescription only, with a restriction in pack size (from Ephedrine -

• Can I grow my own Ephedra?
Ephedra normally grows in subtropical conditions making it very hard to grow some yourself. Also, a lot of plants are needed to get the amount you need for a good dosage. Still, there are grow kits and seeds available for those who would like to try.

• Where can I order ephedra?
Azarius is selling several ephedra products and new ephedra alternatives. In some countries ephedra is not legal anymore, but there are excellent alternative stimulants and weight-loss products available. You can order ephedra (ma huang) en Sida cordifolia from the US at BouncingBearBotanicals.

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