Erowids Ephedra Vault - Erowid takes its goal "documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives", seriously. on ephedra - Botanical has a large database with (healing) plants and herbs, international news, articles and columns.

Lycaeum on ephedra - Lyceaum has really complete information on a large number of chemical and natural drugs.

TAC Ethnobotanicals on ephedra - TAC offers an overview of rare seeds, herbs and roots. on ephedra - Mothernature gathers information about natural health products: a fully complete list. - Everything about ephedra's energizing equivalent guarana.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals - Order Ma Huang online in the United States.

Azarius smartshop and headshop - Order ephedra-free products online in Europe.

World Nutrition (Ephedra) Diet Pills & Nutritional Supplements.

Geranamine / DMAA - Comprehensive information on geranamine (DMAA).


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